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The Latest Sasi News

  1. Sasi Sasi Sasi … Sassy!

    Sasi Sasi Sasi … Sassy!

    Tomorrow is almost today! Sasi is thrilled (literally thrilled) to announce that today is almost tomorrow and tomorrow is when the Sasi Jaunt gets down and sassy. So get ready...

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  2. Sasi Tattoos

    Sasi Tattoos

    Sasi realizes that every “Jaunter” worthy of sassy mention wants to let the world know they support Sasi. Sooo – to that end – we have toiled away for countless...

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  3. Jaunt with your Pup!

    Jaunt with your Pup!

    Everyone loves their pets – so don’t leave yours out of the action! Well behaved, licensed and leashed pups (of all ages) are welcome to sashay with you on your quest to complete the Sasi Jaunt. Consider getting sponsors for your furry friend too .. heck they might even win a prize.

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