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The Sasi Bandasi

the bandasi

What the heck is a Sasi Bandasi? Well – we’re glad you asked! First off, the Banadasi is an ultra-cool and custom designed bandana made exclusively for the 2016 Sasi Jaunt (And the 2014 and 2015 Jaunts). And – it’s included “Free” in the race-kit of the first 100 jaunters. It’s 100% polyester microfiber and it can be worn in a multitude of fun, stylish and exciting ways ..

Wear it as a pony-tail-bandasi

Keeps those wonderful locks of long hair out of your face – especially important when Jaunting.

Wear it as a face-cover-bandasi

Wear it as a head-band-bandasi

Wear it as an arm-band-bandasi

Wear it as a thigh-bandasi

Wear it as a neck-bandasi

Wear it as a pirate-bandasi

Wear it as a balaclava-bandasi

Wear it as a beany-bandasi

Hide The Sasi Bandasi is sure to be an ultra-popular and tremendously sought after item. Only the first 300 registrants are guaranteed to get one – so register now! (Click that Registration button in the upper right – do it now!)

Now – while we would love to take credit for designing the Bandasi (we did design the pattern) – the Sasi Bandasi is designed and manufactured by the good folks at Hoo-Rag from the USofA. So – here is a short instructional video that outlines the various ways that a Sasi Bandasi (aka: Hoo Rag) can be configured.

And before we go – here’s a sneak preview of the 2016 pattern on the Sasi Bandasi.

ultra-chic – ultra-cool – ultra-wonderful, the 2016 Sasi Bandasi!

The ultra cool and ever so popular Sasi Bandasi
SAMPLE of 2016 Sasi Bandasi pattern (oohh and aww)

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