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Sasi and the Bandit

Bandit Burger Calgary - Burgers and Fries Food Truck

Sasi and the Bandit .. Sasi loves saying that. Back in Sasi’s younger days, Sasi was a big Burt Reynolds fan and Burt made a movie called “Smokey and the Bandit” .. so Sasi likes the sound of “Sasi and the Bandit” .. but, this Bandit is better and tastier. That’s right Calgary, we’re talking about Bandit Burger!

Sasi knows you’re going to be incredibly hungry when you return back to Sasi Base Camp after finishing the Jaunt – but – don’t worry, Bandit Burger will be toiling away in their big black and red food truck, crafting hand cut fries and scratch made burgers! Mouth watering goodness will be at hand!

Now head over to the Bandit Burger Website, check out their menu and select what you’re going to order! Sasi will probably order the Big Bacon Burger with hand cut fries – that’s just how Sasi rolls.

Bandit Burger

AND .. If you’ve not yet registered your #SasiJaunt team .. what on earth are you waiting for? Register now, Jaunt June 4th and enjoy awesome Bandit Burger fare afterwards. It’s all very sassy!

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