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Sasi 2017 – Big, Massive, Huge News!

Sasi 2015 is Coming!

Holy Toledo! Sasi has been working up a serious sweat. That’s right, Sasi has been working-out – lunging, stretching, bouncing in place and getting ready for the 2017 Jaunt. Bigger, better, sassier than ever. (really).

Well … it’s a good thing Sasi is getting into superb shape, because the Jaunt date for 2017 has been set!

Tell your sassy friends, your sassy family, your sassy neighbours – spread the news far and near! It’s going to be the event of the year. Bigger, better, humungous-er, and sassier! June 3rd is the date. That’s three, as in the number after two, which is also the number after one.

Did Sasi tell you to mark it down? Yup. Yupper, we did.

Sasi knows – and now you do too. June 3rd, 2017

Now – go mark your calendars!


  1. wrote on April 9th, 2017 at 3:34 pm


    Where do I sign up to volunteer for this event. I volunteered in 2016 and it was a lot of fun and interesting & would like to do it again.


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