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Why are we Jaunting?

So what’s the primary reason we’re holding the Sasi Jaunt? How will the funds we raise from the Jaunt be used?

These are important questions with serious answers.

These are important questions – and – the answers are serious, so for a moment, we’ll stop being sassy and explain.

While there are any number of important causes that running and walking events like the Sasi Jaunt benefit – many are designed to raise funding for research to find possible cures, or to help victims or families of victims inflicted by particular ailments or diseases. Ailments, and diseases that afflict communities across the Country.

Our primary focus is a bit different. We focus on providing enrichment of life. Enrichment of the lives of “Preventing and addressing social isolation in seniors is a growing area of concern.” ~ City of Calgary – Community ServicesCalgary seniors and more specifically, isolated Calgary seniors. We are extremely local in our focus and we’re exceptionally targeted to the senior community.

Unfortunately, as Calgary grows and our population matures, so too, do the number of “isolated” or “shut-in” seniors. These are people who, for any number of reasons have become socially isolated. Often times, they may be living alone and struggling on low, fixed incomes. Their career years have long since passed and their perceived purpose to participate in the community has dwindled. They may have health and/or mobility issues, making it difficult for them to get out and interact with the community. Many are lonely, widowed and separated from the younger members of their extended families. This is a deeply valuable, knowledgeable and experienced generation – an intrinsically important segment of our community – sadly forgotten.

Programs like our weekly “Tea & Conversation” gathering, encourage isolated seniors to enjoy the simple pleasure of “getting-out” for the afternoon. We provide taxi service to and from their doorstep directly to our Centre. It’s an opportunity to dress-up and go out. If you are unable to participate in the Sasi Jaunt, please consider making a tax deductible donation.It’s an opportunity to meet other people of all ages, enjoy some live entertainment and some great conversation. New friendships are created and old acquaintances are rekindled. It’s the one thing that many of them look forward to each week.

While this all sounds simple – and honestly – it really is – the logistics of running programs such as “Tea & Conversation” are complex, time consuming and costly – but most assuredly worth every stitch of effort. The results are reflected on the smiling faces of the seniors who attend, week after week.

If you are unable to participate in the Sasi Jaunt – please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Centre, so that we can continue to undertake these valuable programs.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Maureen Orton, Executive Director
Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre

Happy Sasi Jaunting!