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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Sasi Jaunt provides fabulous opportunities for corporate Calgary to participate in our push to alleviate isolation in Calgary’s senior community. Check out the 3 levels of Corporate Sponsorship awesomeness below and make an investment that truly helps us help isolated Calgary seniors – whether it’s time or money, we appreciate all investments in the Sasi Jaunt. Sasi can design tax deductible sponsorship opportunities for any budget.

Super Secret Hint – All 3 levels of sponsorship are identical. We love them all. When you sponsor (or invest) in the Sasi Jaunt, you’re automatically Gold, Silver and Bronze! An instant winner! There will be a test later.

Don’t see a package that fits? Contact us and we’ll build some special Sasi sponsorship goodness just for you!

Gold Sponsorship

If you’re even contemplating becoming a Gold Sponsor … well, good golly Miss Molly – we already love you!

See Gold Details

Silver Sponsorship

Who doesn’t love Silver? We certainly do. It’s the shiniest metal in the world and the Sasi Silver Sponsorship package rocks!

See Silver Details

Bronze Sponsorship

Copper and Tin make Bronze – An extremely important alloy and a special Sasi Jaunt sponsorship level.

See Bronze Details